Dahlia June – 4 days old

We took Dahlia to the hospital today for her check up.  She is doing very well, weighing in at 6 pounds, 11oz.  For the past 4 days, she just sleeps and eats, sleeps and eats… We can’t possibly imagine how we might have found this challenging the first time around.  It seems that our biggest challenge right now is making sure Matea doesn’t handle her too roughly.  We also are trying to balance the amount of attention that Matea is getting…giving her enough, so she doesn’t feel that the new baby is getting it all, but also not to over-do it and spoiling her, temporarily.  She seems to be adjusting well though.  She is a very happy little girl – hyper would be a better description.  Dahlia has been a little angel for us so far.  We know enough to know that fussier days lie ahead, but for right now, we are just soaking in her sweet baby smell and fondly getting to know our newest little girl.

One response to “Dahlia June – 4 days old

  1. Mandy & Brett
    Dahlia is absolutely beautiful as well as her big sis Matea.  Wishing everyone the best!

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