Big sister

Today is my due date! I couldn’t imagine still being pregnant!  Needless to say, I’m so happy that Dahlia arrived when she did.  She went back to the doctor today, as it turns out she may have a little eye infection…nothing serious, but requires an ointment.  The great news is, she gained about 6 ounces in 4 days, almost double what the doctor had told us to aim for.  I’m glad that all the time I spend nursing is paying off!  After the doctors, we took both girls to an Easter egg hunt at the zoo.  Matea seemed to have a good time collecting plastic eggs.  Dahlia slept, very bundled up, in the stroller.
Matea loves to hold Dahlia.  When she sees her, she often says "Teya touch Dahya? Teya hold Dahya?"  When we say okay, she starts in with this giddy laugh (almost a bit evil sounding..but I think she’s just excited).  If Dahlia sneezes, yawns or coughs, Matea laughs hysterically.  She loves to hold her tiny little hands and she offers Dahlia her special bunny "Bubba", which we think is a good sign that she already loves her little sister.

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