So far, April has been a busy month for us.  Mandy’s birthday brought a day of heat & sunshine that was much needed, but too short-lived!  Six days later we had an inch of snow outside!  That too was short-lived (thank goodness!).  So the weather has been crazy, to say the least.  We are just hoping for consecutive warmer days to come soon.  The girls are doing well & seem to be growing so much.  Dahlia will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.  She is still a sweet-tempered little baby, which we are so thankful for.  She only wakes at 3am and 6am for feedings & goes back to sleep without a fuss, so amazingly, we are fairly well-rested.  There is plenty of time for that to change, but so far, we have been blessed with another easy baby.  Matea, on the other hand…just turned 2 and I swear she exerted her independence on that day!  For the most part, she is a well-behaved, sweet little girl, who is doing all the things 2 year olds should do…but that includes testing mom & dad at times & wanting to do everything herself!  She loves to help in any way she can, but that usually means things get done slower than we’d like.  The best part about her age is the language development.  She constantly makes us laugh with the things she says & she sings songs in an adorable, high-pitched voice.  I added an album of photos today that include Matea & Mandy’s birthdays & a few other random shots from the past few weeks.

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