Oh, what a summer!  Brett took 4 weeks off work (late paternity leave) and we had quite an eventful time.  Sold our Ballard house, lived with Grammy & Grandpa for 2 weeks, went to Whidbey Island and eventually…after what seemed like a long search, found a house to buy!  We managed to fit in a charity walk for the Alzheimer’s Association. (See photos) 

Quick update on the girls: Matea turns 2 and a half next month and Dahlia just turned 6 months.  Matea is newly potty trained and loves to show everyone her underwear drawer!  Dahlia is on her 4th day of "solid" food but we have yet to see a tooth. 

Even though we’d been looking for a house on the eastside for over 6 months, once we purchased one, it still came as a shock.  Perhaps part of me thought we’d never find one and we’d be forced to stay in our little Ballard bungalow, cramped but happy.  However, we’ve been in the new house for about a week and it already feels like home.  We are close to friends, close to Cougar Mountain and lots of hiking trails & in walking distance of parks and even some amenities…including a Starbucks.   Our neighbors have been very welcoming and there are 2 girls next door that LOVE playing with Matea.  She has been in heaven, riding her trike around the cul-de-sac & making new friends.  Unpacking has been put on hold, as we’ve been blessed with one of our traditional Indian summers.  After a rather rainy August, we deserve it!




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