Summer 2009

Our summer has been sort of back-to-front when it comes to weather this year.  Usually, Seattle has a rainy June and beautiful August.  This year, June was surprisingly sunny and warm and August has been rather grey.  Perhaps the sun got scared away.  We had a horrendous heat wave a few weeks ago and although, we knew we should soak it in while we have the chance, there were many of us (myself included) that thought it was just too darn hot!  We actually shipped the kids (and eventually ourselves) off to Edmonds, where it was a few degrees cooler.

July was full of wonderful, small events.  As our photos show, we had a fun 4th of July in Edmonds.  Matea enjoyed gathering candy from the parade and sitting in the parade car with Grandpa for a few blocks.  She also went to her first fireworks show.  After being a little surprised by the first loud booms, she ended up loving it.  We also went to the Sequim Lavender Festival, which was really, a treat for mom.  I love lavender.  I love the look of it, the smell of it and even the taste of it, especially in ice cream or cookies.  I love the way a lavender field can transport me to France, the same way sunflowers can transport me to Italy or Spain. 

We also went on our first camping trip this summer.  Since Dahlia is still so young, we were a little worried that sleeping on the ground would be too strange for her, so we cheated a bit, by renting a large canvas tent, at a camping resort on San Juan Island (a ferry ride away).  The tent was complete with a queen size bed, fold-out couch and linens and enough room to set up a portable crib (see photos above). It was a beautiful spot, with lakes to swim in, fields to run in and lots of dirt, so the kids got good and dirty, just as they should on a camping trip.  Although the tent was comfortable, there was still no heat, running water or electricity, so using a flash light or head-lamp was a thrill for them.  I didn’t do a lot of camping as a kid, but as an adult, I have done my fair share of “roughing it” and I think it is a valuable lesson to teach kids.  I’m not sure if it’s a strange personality quirk of mine, or human nature, but some of my favorite (definitely most memorable) travel experiences have been in places with less than favorable conditions.  After these experiences, I always return with a greater appreciation for what we are so fortunate to have here at home.  .  We were joined by our friends, Brian and Melinda and their daughter, Cora, the girls had a fabulous time, playing in the dirt and swimming in the lakes.    Even a random thunder and lightning storm on our first night, only added to the adventure.  Matea ate her first campfire s’more, while sitting under a huge umbrella in the rain.  At home, Dahlia constantly begs to be outside, so she was in heaven that weekend.  Brett says, she got her love for the outdoors and her love for food, from him.

We celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary on August 1st.  We feel so blessed & I am so lucky.  It is completely impossible for me to imagine my life without Brett.  Nor would I ever want to.  I have a hard-working, loving, handsome, adventurous husband, who also happens to be an incredible father.  As usual, we spent some time, on our anniversary, thinking about where we were 8 years ago…a small chapel in a small town, in the Tuscan countryside with wonderful family and friends.   This year my Uncle Alan and his family were in Seattle and we were at my parent’s house, having a barbecue on their last night in town. 

Life as we know it will change in a few weeks.  Matea is starting preschool!  I have no idea how we are going to make it there by 8:30 in the morning, 3 times a week, when we can hardly manage to make it to Spanish class by 10am, once a week!  Lord help us.  I am not a morning person.  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  We should have a few good weeks of summer left.  A trip to Victoria BC to visit good friends, family birthday celebrations and if we are lucky, some more evenings out on our deck, sipping wine and dreaming about the future…


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