With 3 birthdays in our family falling in March and April, it is always a busy time for us, but this year was made all the more busy (and fun!) with Sandy, Steve, Wynn and Layn in town!  We had wonderful weather in February and we all thought Spring had arrived.  Since then, it’s been a fairly ordinary Spring, with a balance of sunshine and rain.  There were a few days that were so warm, the girls even ran through the sprinkler outside, so we feel pretty fortunate, considering last year, the snow was still melting at this time!


I can’t describe how fun it was to see Matea, Wynn, Dahlia and Layn interact with each other.  Matea & Wynn got along amazingly well in the beginning.  They are both into playing dress up and anything related to princesses, mermaids, fairies, etc…so they were in heaven.  As the weeks went on, it was a little more of a challenge for them to always get along.  There was a lot of competition over plates and spoons with certain colors and designs on them and battles over “who had that toy first” but overall, I am so proud of them for managing 4 weeks together with such grace.  It’s not easy for preschoolers to share space for that amount of time!  Dahlia adored Layn, who she called “wa wa” (Spanish slang for “baby”) and was always concerned if she was crying (which was not often, since Layn is “Super baby” by day and saves any of her crying for the middle of the night. J)  As it turns out, by the end of the stay, Wynn & Dahlia became rather perfect play-mates and Matea was more than happy to smother Layn with attention.


Dahlia turned 2.  Hard to believe.  She is such an affectionate, sweet little girl (most of the time) and although she still isn’t talking much, she manages to get her points made very well.  She uses a lot of signs or sounds that she makes up, so it would be very difficult for anyone else to know what she is saying, but we are starting to catch up pretty fast!  At her 2 year check up, the doctor seemed mildly concerned that she wasn’t talking much, so we are taking her in for a standard hearing test next month. If her speech doesn’t pick up by June, we might consider taking her to see a speech therapist, but I’m fairly confident that she will suddenly begin talking before that time.  Dahlia loves to dance, paint and play outside.


Matea turned 4.  Also, hard to believe.  She had a birthday party at a local children’s museum with many of her friends.  She has grown up so much in the past few months.  Her ability to tell a story, sing songs, remember details, etc. impresses me.  She is learning lots of new Spanish songs at school, in preparation for their Spring concert.  I finally had to ask the teacher to email us the lyrics so that I could help her remember the words when she gets stuck.  I was so pleased to find out that one of the songs they are learning is a song from my childhood.  We sing it with Matea all the time and she has been singing it since she could talk, so I think it makes her happy to have at least one song mastered! J 


We also had Dahlia baptized last month at our church.  We have found a great group of people to connect with at church and are joining them on a retreat this weekend on the peninsula.  Brett will be helping to construct a building and the girls and I will help with beach clean-up and other chores around the camp.  We will stay in a cabin for one night, so it should be a fun little adventure for us all.


The next time I update this, we will probably be back from our European vacation and I’ll hopefully have pictures to share as well!  We will be traveling to Iceland, England and Paris for about 3 weeks.  I am excited about Iceland because it is a new place to explore – and it looks amazing!  In England, we will attend my cousin James’ wedding and my cousin Lisa’s wedding, one week apart!  We are going to Paris for about 5 days because Matea wants to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame (where the Hunchback lived).  My parents, Stephen, Chris and Tami are also traveling.  Should be a wonderful trip.




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