Pony camp

We have been lucky enough to sneak time outside during this rather rainy end-of-summer season.  It is currently raining, but very warm outside, which in fine.  For some reason, it is around this time of year I always need to remind myself to slow down the pace.  Perhaps it is because the school year begins and with it, bring busy days and less free-time.  I sometimes end up feeling disorganized, chaotic, like I’m running around in circles (and that the kids are just trying to keep up with ME!)  But rather than resolutions to be more organized, so we can “fit it all in”, I actually do quite the opposite.  I start crossing things off the calendar and I feel the need to savor all the smaller moments.  Some of those moments happen at home, like reading books together, doing crafts or just watching the girls play.  But most of those moments happen outside, as we breathe in the fresh air, linger a little longer at the park or throw pebbles into a pond for what feels like an eternity.  The cooler, wetter days are just around the corner.
The girls went to a camp this week at Kelsey Creek Farm called “Pony partners”.  It was for ages 2-5 & happened to fall on non-preschool days, which was perfect for our small crew.  They had the opportunity to brush ponies, feed them, carry sawdust to the stables, do pony-crafts and of course, ride them!  Dahlia needed to hold my hand during her first ride.  It may have been a pony, but it was still a pretty big animal to her.  In the end, they loved every minute of it and so did I.


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