Dance Little one…

I do wonder if there has ever been a little 4-year-old girl, as excited as mine, to begin her first ballet class.  She has been mentioning it for weeks…the excitement growing as the day approached.  We purchased a second-hand, pink leotard with a pretty sparkly heart in the center and some rather worn-out ballet slippers and she was happy as can be.  On the big day, she didn’t want to go to school.  She wanted to go straight to ballet class.  But alas, she had to wait until 4:30pm, which seemed like an eternity for a little girls who had already been waiting many weeks for this big moment.  While she was at school, I went and bought a brand new ballet leotard, with an empire waist dress attached and some brand new, sparkling pink tights.  I guess I hadn’t realized, I was a little excited too!  She opened the present at about 3:00pm and was about to get changed, when complete exhaustion overcame her.  To my utter disbelief, she had fallen asleep on the couch and ballet class was going to begin in about 45 minutes!  This is a child who does not recover well from a 20 minute cat-nap.  I made her a snack  and woke her up, with a chocolate milk straw in her mouth.  Thankfully, it worked and she was in pretty good spirits and still excited to go.  She was full of smiles throughout the entire class.


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