The View from here…

A day-in-the-life of…us!  Had I known I was going to document our day in photographs, I definitely would have taken a picture of breakfast.  In honor of the Salmon Days Festival, we had cream cheese, smoked salmon and egg, on artisan bread.  It was delicious and off we went to meet up with friends for the local Salmon Days Festival.

If we continue to live in this area, I’m certain that the Salmon Days festival will become an annual event for our family.  Also a marker for changing seasons.  When we moved out here, from “the city”, I never realized how I would fall in love with the mountain views and deciduous trees that are so abundant in this area.  After watching the parade, bouncing and sliding on inflatable devices and waiting in line for 45 minutes for a 5 minute pony ride…and a rather greasy lunch, we headed home.

While big sister helped Dad with some home improvement projects outside (got paint all over her dress and in her hair), little sister slept and I did some sewing.  I finally finished the toddler seat cushion.  After making this one, I realized I didn’t have enough of the same fabric to make another one for the matching chair!  Oh well, we aren’t oppose to miss-matched things in our house.  I also managed to sneak in a few minutes of “tea and book” time.  When you have small kids, it is so very frustrating to be reading a book that is difficult to put down!  I remember the days when I would sit on my bed and say, “I don’t care what it takes, I am going to finish this book!”  I am currently, in the last 1/3 of quite a “page turner” and it takes strong will power not to pick it up instead of going to the kitchen to fix snacks or empty the dishwasher.  This afternoon, I left many things undone and devoured a bit more of the story,  “Cutting for Stone“, by Abraham Verghese.

I am completely in love with the place mats we bought on our recent trip to England.  It was tempting to save them for a special occasion and continue to use our tattered old ones we have, but the girls love the new ones.  I adore watching them “argue” over who gets “the one with the ducklings on it” or “the one with the little girl and lamb”.  One day, many years from now, these place mats will conjure up the nostalgia of a family dinner, just as the ones we had growing up do for us.  Dinner was “pasta with tuna, tomato and olives” – a recipe from my favorite “Apples for Jam“, by Tessa Kiros.  Very good and traditionally Italian tasting, like so many of her dishes.  Dessert: Strawberry yogurt with fresh organic raspberries and what else? …Pink sprinkles of course!


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