Snow days

Almost 6 inches of snow fell yesterday.  Hard to believe, considering that earlier this month I was sitting outside reading a magazine in 75 degree weather. Today, we had a high of 28 degrees.  But the sun was shining and it looked so beautiful with the trees covered in snow. Cold temperatures couldn’t keep us inside, so we walked to the neighborhood park and went sledding, followed by warm drinks at the local coffee shop.  Our suburban neighborhood has a bit of a small-town feel to it.  Especially on days like today, when school is cancelled and the only way out involves a rather large, icy hill.  Everyone was out walking or playing today.

We had a busy week planned, in preparation for an upcoming ski trip and the snow has caused a halt in many of our plans.  As long as it doesn’t disrupted things for too long (and we can still go skiing!) I can appreciate its ability to slow us down. After sledding today, we turned the fire on, did crafts, baked cookies, played with play-dough and watched a Disney movie. With the record low temps outside, it doesn’t take much to appreciate our warm and cozy home.  Just another thing to be grateful for as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.  We hope your holiday weekend is filled cozy family moments.


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