Giving thanks in Whistler, BC


We decided to join the Knights this year on their annual Thanksgiving weekend in Whistler.   We had snow in Seattle upon leaving, so it was quite an adventurous drive, with many vehicles stopping to chain up or defrost frozen windshield wipers.  But we made it without incident and checked in to what Dahlia called “our house in Canada”, which was a condo, outside of the village, with a view of Blackcomb & Whistler Mountain.

We decided that Matea was old enough to start skiing this year, so with a combo of rented, borrowed & bought equipment, we took her up on the mountain for the first time.  We attempted to put her in a ski school class, but they were not offering the class we wanted.   With Brett on his snowboard, I soon realized it was going to be primarily my job to teach her how to ski that day.  Due to pregnancies & small children, I had not been skiing in over 4 years, so maybe it was a good thing that my first run was going to be on the baby slope. :)  Matea did great skiing between me, along side me and eventually all on her own.  Best of all, she kept a positive attitude the entire time and had fun.  The following day, we went ice skating and swimming at the indoor Meadowbrook Sports Center.  I can’t be sure which day was the highlight for Matea.  She thought ice skating was so fun…even after one hard fall on her bum!



On our ski day, Dahlia stayed at the condo with my mom, who was cooking up our Thanksgiving dinner.  What a treat to come back to a huge turkey dinner after a day on the slopes and a soak in the hot tub.

On the way home, Brett & I reminisced about all the different times we have been in Whistler together, over the years…skiing in t-shirts in beautiful Spring powder, getting into bars at the young age of 17, skiing with collage friends…all the while, watching a tiny village grow into a maze of meandering streets.  Having been regular visitors to for the past 18 years or so, it has been impressive to see it’s growth – especially after last year’s Winter Olympics!  Although I now sometimes get lost walking through the village, the quaintness and charm have not disappeared.  I hope my family of 4 keeps up with the tradition of taking regular vacations there.




IMG_3714       IMG_3717






Happy Thanksgiving!!


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