Royal Wedding Dress Up

On Friday evenings we often have a dedicated “family night”, when the girls get to pick what they would like to do as a family.  Sometimes it’s a picnic in the living room, other times a board game or a movie.  Last week we all agreed that we would watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which we had recorded on our DVR while it played LIVE at 2am that morning.

prince william kate middleton official wedding photos 02

The event did not disappoint our princess-crazy 5-year old!  Complete with tiara and beautiful gown, Kate made the perfect bride and William looked very “princely” indeed, in his uniform.  Although the televised broadcast was about 6 hours long (!), with the aid of “fast-forward” we were able to watch all the highlights…the guest arriving (those hats, oh my!), the ceremony, the horse-drawn carriage ride as they left and the balcony kiss(es).  It was really lovely.  Matea attended the viewing with the perfect wedding hat.


And as the ceremony went on, she decided to go from being a guest at the wedding, to being the bride…and beautiful bride she did make!


Congratulations William and Kate!  And thanks for the fun evening of celebrating your wedding.


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