On Our Way…

It has been quite a few weeks since life felt “normal”.  First, all our possessions were packed in boxes and we moved in with family in Edmonds.  We spent that week saying goodbye to friends and spending quality time with loved ones.  We expected that process to be hard…and it was.  So much so, that we had to stop and wonder, “are we doing the right thing?”  It is not a very nice feeling to see so many people saddened by a decision we’ve made.  However, our instincts kept telling us it was right.  There were so many chances for this opportunity to fall-through and for our fate to change.  But when everything keeps leading to a particular path, it does not seem right to question it. 

So, yes we shed a few tears, but we summoned up the courage to look ahead and begin our adventure.

So with 4 suitcases and a few carry-on’s in tow, we flew to Philadelphia and stayed with my sister and her family for a-little-over a week.   We love seeing our girls reconnect after so much time.  The weather in Philly was hot and humid, which was a bit of a challenge for us Seattleites, but it didn’t stop us from chasing fireflies, visiting small-town festivals, big city museums, outdoor playgrounds and swimming pools.  With 4 little girls tucked into bed, we sat outside sipping on white wine or sangria and talked and talked.  Having lived in the UK for 5 years, Sandy and Steve offered great expat advice for us.  Mostly we just enjoyed catching up with them, meeting their friends and seeing their life.

Memories were made.  More goodbyes said.  And then we were really off…


One response to “On Our Way…

  1. I like your blog. I was also expat like you and your family.. I also made my own blog about moving abroad. It was hard for first, trying to fit in to new world… :-) but still possible to survive… :-)

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