10 years

Ten years ago we were in Impruneta, Italy for our wedding.  I will never forget waking up in a castle and feeling like I was in a fairtytale…waiting outside the church in the the sweltering heat, being fanned by the photographer and finally walking in and seeing Brett at the end of the aisle with a teary smile.  We sat under the stars at tables covered in delicious Italian food, wine and were surrounded by family & friends.  We were completely caught up in the moment.

 Last night we celebrated that day, those memories and all the moments in between.  Our 10 year anniversary was simple, yet extraordinary.  We don’t know anyone in Copenhagen who can babysit for us, so we did not go out or have a romantic dinner planned.  We had one little girl with a fever and a tummy ache and it was a reminder of how much our lives have changed in 10 years.  Still, the sun was shining, a dozen roses sat in a make-shift vase in our small, temporary Copenhagen apartment, and I’d never felt happier. 

 Brett only spent a few hours at work and since Dahlia was feeling better, we took our dinner to Fælledparken and had a picnic.  While the girls ran around on the grass and teeter-tottered on the toys, Brett and I sipped bubbly cava and made a million references to the fact, that in that moment, we were acutely aware of how much our marriage, those girls and this life we’ve created, fills us with the simplest joy.

As we so often do…we finished off the evening with icecream, messy faces and sticky fingers…just as summer should be.

Lady bugs are thought to be good luck.  So here’s to 10 more happy years.


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