Weekend Phone Post

We arrived in Denmark about 5 weeks ago and just yesterday I purchased a mobile phone.  For the first month, I hadn’t really missed having one…who was I really going to call anyway?   But once school started, I realized that the teachers didn’t have a way to reach me in an emergency.   Then I began to worry about emergencies at home and making plans with friends started to become increasingly difficult, so I was soon reminded of the mobile phone conveniences.

One of those conveniences being a camera when you’ve forgotten your “real one” at home.  So in honor of my new phone, I’ve decided to create this weekend blog post using only photos taken from my new device. 

We have become fast friends with a family from the UK, who arrived here at the same time we did.  Our kids are enrolled at the same school and we are a short stroll down the road from each other.  Matea and Finn had such an immediate bond, we decided it must be fate.  I think he reminds her of a special little boy from home.  (Kyle, if you are reading this, you have not been replaced.  But you might want to work on your British accent.)

After a fun day at the park and afternoon tea and cakes at their house, they joined us for a picnic at Det Kongelige open-air theater where we had our first opportunity to see a friend dance for the Royal Danish Ballet.

Eating out is very expensive in Copenhagen. Perhaps that is why everything we order looks like a million bucks. We have to give them points for appearance...and flavor too. This Sunday brunch platter was a big hit.

It was such a beautiful morning, we decided to hang out in the plaza for a while. Yes, people really do leave their babies outside. This little guy was sleeping soundly is his buggy while his parents were inside having brunch.


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