Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

Early Saturday morning we woke up to flashes of lightning and the loud crash of thunder.  Friday had been sunny and warm, muggy.  In an instant, Brett and I darted around the apartment closing all the windows, while sideways rain poured in.  Amazingly, the girls slept through it, but we watched and listened to the fiercity of the storm for a few minutes until one of us said, “well, I guess we’re not going to Roskilde today”.  And when the thunder became a distant rumble, we fell back asleep.  

Fast forward about 2 hours and we were out the door catching the train to Roskilde.  The rain had stopped and the sun was peaking through the clouds.  Besides, what kind of Seattlites would we be if we canceled a fun excursion on the account of a little rain?

Okay, make that A LOT of rain…

But it did clear up, and we had a wonderful time at the very family-friendly, Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

Matea helps make a weaved straw bracelet.

Playing on the ships


The girls dressed in Viking garb


Ships excavated from the sea in 1962


In the 11th Century, Roskilde was the capital of Denmark


Figuring out which bus goes to the train station


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