Spain Part II – Feria de Fuengirola, Mijas Pueblo

Traveling as a family requires compromise, flexibility and patience.  All of these were tested on the day we decided to go to La Feria de Fuengirola.  Apparently, locals from this area save money all year, specifically for this event.  We were told it would be great fun for the kids, complete with rides, sugary treats and great celebration.  We have had quite a few days on this trip, when the girls have tagged along for things that Mom & Dad have wanted to see and do.  That is where the compromise comes in…they tag along with relatively little complaining and we take them to do something that is strictly for them.

However, just like with everything in Spain, we arrived early.  When we arrived at the fair grounds, everything was shut down.  It was 11am and the fair was not going to open until 3pm.  This is where the flexibility and patience comes into play.  The girls were disappointed, to say the least.  The 4 hour wait sounded like an eternity to them.  However after a few churros, we were all feeling a bit better.  Thankfully, Fuengirola is right on the beach, so between spending time there and a seaside restaurant for lunch, the time passed very quickly indeed.


And it was worth the wait…

In all the time we have spent in Spain in the past, Mijas Pueblo is a town that Brett and I had never been to before.  Actually, we had avoided this area on past trips, since it is a bit more “touristy” and over-run by British expats.  Certain towns along the Costa del Sol lack the Andalucian charm and culture that we love.  However, between a rainy Seattle Spring and cloudy Copenhagen summer, we knew that we needed sunshine.  We also know that the girls LOVE to play on the beach, so here we are.  Mijas Pueblo had plenty of charm and gorgeous views of that Mediterranean Sea we love so much.


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