Torturous Torsdag and a Glorious Weekend

I suppose torturous is a bit strong, but for a family who likes to try and keep things simple and not overschedule themselves, Thursdays (Torsdag, in Danish) can be a bit of a challenge.   The girls have school, I have Danish class in the morning, Matea has ballet and Brett has Danish class in the evening.  For us, that’s a lot.  Last week I made it 10 times worse by locking my keys in our apartment.  (It was bound to happen sooner or later…the door locks automatically when it closes).  Without keys, we couldn’t use our Christiania bike and had to resort to taking the bus to ballet, which has proved on more than one occasion, to be difficult.  On our way home, an important football (soccer) match brought loads of Germans into Copenhagen and the sheer amount of people (celebrating?) caused the streets surrounding the stadium to close.  The bus dropped us off miles from our regular stop and we were told we’d have to walk.  In the dark.  With two kids who were beyond-tired and completely confused. Ugh.

These are the kinds of things that happen to us on Thursdays.  So Brett has dubbed that day Torsdag Torture Day.  We told Matea we needed a name for these rough days and she came up with “Rock Star”.  I gave her a funny look at first, and then realized that I love it!  Although 99% of the time, we feel a huge amount of gratitude for what we are experiencing, there are moments that require “Rock Star” determination to push on through the changes and challenges we have faced in the last few months.

Even on “Rock Star” days…I still take pictures, because even rough days have a little beauty sprinkled in them, if you look hard enough.

Such as, a 3-year-old bus driver.


A stops to admire seafood in the middle of chaos.

Stopping to check out some seafood

Autumn in Copenhagen.

IMAG0953       IMG_0524


Last Saturday we decided to check out Torvehallerne, Copenhagen’s new outdoor market.  It’s not far from home and Brett rode all 3 of us in the Christiania bike, so I got to experience how the girls feel everyday as a passenger.  I’m telling you, there is no better way to experience the city!  The biking culture is one of my favorite things about Denmark.

(Be sure to ask me if I feel the same way in a few weeks after the temperature drops!)










On Sunday, we were invited to the home of one of Brett’s work colleagues.  They live along the edge of Gribskov Forest, near Hillerød.  It felt wonderful to get out of the city and walk amongst the Autumn trees.  The weather has been dry, so the leaves were crisp under our feet.  The family has 3 kids, who speak very little English, but after some initial shyness, all the kids were playing together.  We played hide-and-seek in the forest (no language required for that game!) and their 11-year-old daughter enjoyed teaching us some Danish words and was eager to learn more English.







Back at their house, chickens grazed the lawn and a small bonfire was burning wood.  Matea had the time of her life on a rope swing that sent her flying into the trees.  Once it grew dark (around 4:30 these days) we warmed up with tea, coffee and cake inside.



And guess what?  We are reaching the end of another Thursday here, and all went smoothly and we are approaching another, hopefully glorious, weekend.  That alone, is reason to celebrate.


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