The First Day of Spring?

I believe the official first day of Spring comes around March 20th, but we have had numerous days here in Copenhagen which we have declared as “the first day of Spring!”  Today is one of them.  There are signs everywhere.  Here are some signs that winter may be behind us.

  • Kids Requesting not to wear their “flyverdragt”.
  • Keeping the cover of our Christiania bike open more than closed.
  • Ripping off hats and gloves while out on a run.
  • More cafes bringing tables and chairs outside.
  • People hanging out of apartment windows, in order to wash the windows from the outside (thinking I soon need to risk my life and do that same).
  • School kids out on walks and finding mine playing out on the playground every time I pick them up lately.
  • Morning coffee (and knitting) on the balcony.
  • Spending our weekends exploring, with a guidebook in our bike basket.
  • Open windows!  I’d like to take this moment to thank the accordion player outside, who makes our apartment feel like a Parisian café each day, with his romantic little tunes.
  • Flowers and Sun, sun and more sun.

Some images to prove my theory.












I don’t know if it was typical, or if Copenhagen experienced an unusually dry winter, but being a Seattle girl, I can’t believe how little it rained here in the winter months.  On the flip side, I was equally surprised by how much in did rain last August!  So, we shall see.  Mother Nature is full of surprises, but the beginning of Spring is one of her best gifts.  Let the world awaken!  We are ready!


4 responses to “The First Day of Spring?

  1. As I am reading this it is POURING outside! We had snow, rain, hail and sun yesterday. I wish I was declaring spring in Seattle, but no such luck :/ See you guys soon!! xoxo

  2. Love it! Wish I could knit and drink coffee on my balcony in the sun *right now.* Great post, fun to read. :) See you soon!

  3. I am so envious…it’s awful here! I hope it clears up for your visit. Looking forward to seeing you, Mandy!

  4. It’s beautiful here across the Øresund, too. I can’t believe I didn’t think of bringing my knitting out on the balcony. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

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