Hosting Copenhagen with Kids

Copenhagen had been our home for 10 months before we welcomed our first visitors.  We have practically been begging people to come.  Mainly because we miss them, but also because we want to show them the city we have grown to love.  Accepting an offer of a free guest room in a charming, central part of this Scandinavian city (one of the 5 most expensive in the world) seems like a no-brainer to me…but refraining from travel opportunities has never been my strong point.  Lucky for us, my brother-in-law and his family feel the same way.  They jumped at the chance to come and we couldn’t have been more excited.  Brothers, “sisters” and cousins reunited for a 10-day whirlwind of our home-away-from-home.





Since moving here, we’ve done a few touristy things, but mostly we enjoy being (or pretending to be) locals in our adoptive city.  Graced by good weather and with four lively kids in our group, we skipped museums and the inside of castles and churches.  Copenhagen has so much to offer and I know we probably missed a few key historical attractions, but without an itinerary or much of a plan, we hope that we gave our guests a good mix of touristy sites and local flavor.

Arrival Day:  Hallernes Smørbrød lunch, a walk along the lakes, Paradis ice-cream and a trip to our local park.




Day 2: More beautiful weather called for a beach day in Hellerup.  We had lunch at OVSA along the harbor, followed by a bike ride through shady residential streets – and a ride-by of the girls’ school (which they were happily not attending while family was in town).




Day 3: Morning at Ørstedsparken and the Hacienda café.  (I love the kid park / café combination.  It really is a win-win.)  That afternoon we grabbed hotdogs from a street vendor and met friends in Kongens Have (The King’s Garden outside Rosenborg Slot) for a picturesque picnic.  The kids kicked a soccer ball around, played Frisbee, picked daisies and made forts in the rhododendron bushes.








Day 4: Canal Tour from Nyhavn Pier.  Yes, it’s touristy and the tour conductor tells a few jokes that are not very funny, but it is a great overview of the city.  Most of the city’s best sites can be seen from the water.  And who doesn’t enjoy being on a boat on a sunny day?

That evening we hired a babysitter and went out to celebrate Brett’s little brother’s birthday at Toldboden, followed by a walk through the Kastellet at sunset.  Having the guys ride us there in the Christiania bikes was half the fun!



DSCN4652  IMG_3678





Day 5:  We took a bit of a breather on this chilly, sunny Sunday, with a bike ride to Torvehallerne market to meet friends for pizza, coffee and cupcakes.  An impromptu afternoon gathering in our courtyard went well-into the evening, with a grilled fish dinner.  Wine and snacks kept us warm, while the kids rode bikes around in circles.




Day 6:  A trip to Copenhagen with kids must include a day at Tivoli Gardens.  Every time we go I find it more enjoyable than the last – and with all the Spring flowers in bloom and some extra little-ones in tow, this time was no exception.





IMG_1257  IMG_1183


DSCN4938  IMG_1187

Day 7 & 8: On a whim, we rented cars and drove across the bridge to Southern Sweden (Skåne) – A separate post on this will be coming soon.



Day 9:  On their last full day in Copenhagen, we realized that something was missing…a walk down Strøget (the world’s longest pedestrian street – and a great place to shop and see historic buildings).  And although the canal tour took us through Christianhavn, it seemed like a better view of that area was in order.

Typical for Denmark, we had all kinds of weather while our guest were here – warm sun, cold wind, a bit of overcast.  Their last day in Denmark brought warm rain.  Perfect for a lunch break at Baresso Coffee.



Day 10:  Departure day for our guests.  As their plane took off that afternoon, our apartment grew very…very quiet.  We couldn’t escape the teary goodbyes, but the memories we made during these days together are vivid in our minds.

For the past 10 days, we were essentially on vacation too.  So, thank you Copenhagen – for being a wonderful host to our guests and giving us yet another great stay-cation.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

Super moon over Copenhagen…


¤ Thanks to my sis-in-law for sharing some of her wonderful pictures with me.


3 responses to “Hosting Copenhagen with Kids

  1. This makes us want to come back!! You did a fine job putting all 10 days together on your blog — wow. It truely was one of the best vacations we’ve ever been on, as Copenhagen is a great city and we became a bit smitten by it. But we mostly enjoyed spending time with you all. xx!

  2. How lovely for all of you! It’s so great to live someplace that acts as its own entertainment

  3. always good too see Copenhagen with a foreigners eye, a my God that bike on the left is sooooo coool, and yes they do look like brothers:-)

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