India for a Day

As expats, our girls attend a private, international school.  Although it would have been interesting to have them attend public, Danish school (where they would be immersed in the Danish language) it just wasn’t logical for us.  The academic school system in Denmark is different enough from the US, that if we were to move back in a few years, they would most likely be behind academically.   

We have found that the benefits of an International school are many.  First and foremost, the fact that it is, well…international.  Their teachers are Icelandic, Croatian, Indian, Russian and Egyptian…their friends are Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Irish, Polish…the list goes on and on.  We are the only Americans.  They are learning so much about the world just by the people they are surrounded by.  This month, as the curriculum focuses on “Cultures from Around the World”, we were treated to an entire day based on the culture of India, complete with Bollywood dance, Indian violin,traditional street food (yum!) saris, bindis and mehndi (henna tatoos). 

What fun!  It made me want to go back to India all over again.



IMG_1776  IMG_1788


IMG_1821  IMG_1827



We learned that traditionally, mehndi are done on the palm, but once the first child chose to have it done on the back of the hand, most of the others followed.



You know I wasn’t going to miss out on this action. Here is my mehndi,



And after:



3 responses to “India for a Day

  1. I just stumbled across your blog. Just curious what school your daughters attend? We are a Canadian/American family moving to Copenhagen this summer. Our daughter will most likely be attending CIS.

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