Back to school

After we returned from Germany, life became quite busy.  Matea started a new school and Dahlia started up where she left-off at the old school.  They both started ballet classes (on different days of the week) and Matea is taking soccer (aka “football”, here in Europe).  She is the only girl among an cluster of mostly British boys, which we are rather confused about.  Don’t little girls play soccer in Europe?!  She didn’t even comment about being the only girl, so it doesn’t faze us…just a curiosity, I guess.

The biggest change (for me…but perhaps for the whole family) is that I started school too!  Last Spring I applied to begin a Master’s Program in Tourism, through Aalborg University, here in Copenhagen.  So far it has been a great experience.  I am struggling to manage the time commitment – not only attending the classes, but also a TON of reading and a few small projects – yet I would not be doing this if I wasn’t passionate about the program.  It feels wonderful to be a part of something, and so far, the courses have exceeded my expectations and I have met some great people.  I think I’m really going to enjoy this, if I can keep up with the pace!

My mom is in the middle of a one-month-stay with us.  Although I have been feeling bad that our schedules are so busy right now, we have managed to do quite a lot while she has been here and she seems to have an excellent impression of Copenhagen so far.  It has been great to show her the city and spend time together.

Here are few images from the past 2 weeks, including Brett’s first 1/2 marathon today!  Every time I have the pleasure of showing someone around Copenhagen, I fall more and more in love with this place.














One response to “Back to school

  1. Congratulations on getting into that program!! Your lives are really taking hold in Copenhagen, aren’t they?

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