Solitude for the Soul

Last Wednesday, my group and I, gave a 2-hour, oral defense on a paper we wrote before Christmas. It was nerve-racking, but we did well. I walked off campus having completed my first semester of a Master’s Program and with a free week ahead of me.

The following day, I took the girls to school and although it was very cold, the sun was shining on the crispy snow that had fallen over the previous days. I had the sudden urge to go somewhere. I stood outside the school for 10 minutes, rolling over ideas of what to do with this glorious day of free time. I headed to the train station and bought a ticket to Humlebæk, where the fabulous Louisiana Museum is located.



Spontaneous ventures often leave you unprepared. Yet lucky for me, I take a bag of knitting everywhere I go. Yet regrettably, I did not have my camera with me. So yes, the following photos were all taken with my mobile phone.

I only wish the train ride had been longer; but Denmark is a small country and it doesn’t take very long to get anywhere. In about 15 minutes I was there and began my walk to the museum.



When I arrived, the museum would be closed for another hour. Not a soul was around. It was just me and the sea. It was peaceful, therapeutic and completely rejuvenating. I spend over an hour here, walking the beach, feeling the sun on my face, in awe of the frozen beauty.

me (2)













Eventually, I went inside, walked around the Warhol exhibit and made my way to the café where they had a wonderful selection of smørrebrød. Sun streamed in through large windows and thawed my toes and warmed me until my cheeks were rosy.





2 responses to “Solitude for the Soul

  1. Gorgeous images for a cell phone! Mine never look that good. Lovely trip, Mandy, and little venture into serendipity

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