Spring Tease

How is it that the temperatures can still be so cold (hovering right around freezing today) and the lake still half frozen, yet spring can be felt in the air? Is it because more birds are chirping? Or because we spy tiny buds on the trees and even tinier flowers making their way through the brittle earth? Or perhaps it is because if you get yourself in the perfect position…directly in the sun, blocked from any trace of wind, (backed up against a brick wall helps too) and close your eyes and hold your face towards the sun…you can actually feel warmth? No matter how subtle, that shift can always be felt – and we’ve been feeling it here in Copenhagen lately.

Or wait! Maybe it was because Saturday was declared the beginning of “Is Seasonen” (The Ice-cream season)! Paradis (our favorite) was offering free ice-cream all day long. We froze our booties off standing outside eating it, but this family does not turn down free ice-cream. No sir.



An Outing: On Saturday we rode over to Assistens Cemetery (Hans Christian Andersen is buried here) which is also a beautiful park in Nørrebro, not too far from where we live.







As we left the park, I noticed Matea was blowing kisses in every direction while riding along on the bike. When I asked her later what she was doing, she said she was sending kisses to all the souls of the people who had died. That really warmed my heart.

From there we headed to Red Square or Superkilen – interesting place, indeed! Boxing anyone?





Inside the Nørrebro hallen is a cozy cafe with an indoor sport court and climbing wall.



On the way home, I spotted this. I like it. Perfect for Nørrebro. I need to come back and find some treasure.


Even as the sun is going down and that magic twilight appears you can still feel a twinge of spring. Incidentally, I love twilight, even the word is lovely, no? Do you know what twilight is in Danish? …Skumring. I kid you not. Skumring does not seem to fit with the beauty of that time of day. Oh, I could go on…I need to do an entire blog post of Danish words that are rather hilarious to native English speakers. But as I was saying…twilight is lovely…and it’s appearing later and later around here.



3 responses to “Spring Tease

  1. What a precious post Mandy! I’m gutted that I missed out on free ice cream :((( But I’m loving the wonder that sunlight brings to this city just as you’ve described here… What a lovely weekend :)

  2. We are noticing Spring here too. We have had a couple of 60 degree days and that is for sure, teasing the trees into new leaves. Come on cherry blossoms!

  3. Wonderful! I live in Nørrebro myself, just a few blocks from the Assistens Cemetary, and my husband and I went out this weekend to explore it, too. Couldn’t waste that beautiful sunshine!

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