Italian Wanderings

Lake Como winds its way through jagged mountains, which are green and lush during springtime. Small villages and lavish villas dot the shoreline, connected conveniently by ferry crossings. I can’t image that there is a better way to explore the lake. So with a hop-on, hop-off ticket in hand, we spent a day doing just that – hopping on and off ferries.

We went from our home base of Varenna to Menaggio, where we found the best gelato – or maybe it became the best because we spent a long time looking it (gelato should not be hard to find in Italy!). Then we went to Tremezzo, where we visited Villa Carlotta, wandering inside and out. Finally, we ended in swanky Bellagio for dinner….with our regular group of 15. (It is never an easy task finding a place that will seat 15 people without a booking!) We took the last possible ferry back to Varenna that night. It was a long day, even for the grownups, so the kids were pretty beat by the end. But as we strolled along through the different villages throughout the day, I watched the girls laugh with their cousins, play with their grandparents and dig for sea glass with their Auntie. Then, waiting for that last ferry at about 10 o’clock at night, sitting at the dock, under the moonlight, listening to the waves crash against the shore, I kept thinking to myself…they are going to remember this day





















We’ve been back in Copenhagen for a month and life hasn’t exactly been standing still. Although I have more of Italy to share (oh, do I ever!), I might incorporate a bit of Denmark along the way. Summer is bursting in every corner of the city; the girls are finished with school tomorrow and we will soon be visiting Bornholm – a.k.a ‘Solskinsøen’ – which means ‘Sunshine Island’, but as is always the case in Scandinavia, there is no guarantee that the sun will actually shine. (It’s okay, we’re used to this…we’re from Seattle, remember?) So since there isn’t a rule that says blog posts need to be in chronological order, I might mix it up a bit. We’ll see – but either way, stay tuned. Summertime, here we come!


Speaking of Summertime, we celebrated the solstice again in typical Danish form, by attending a Sankt Hans Aften party, at the lake near our home. Just like last year, although sadly, we didn’t have Grammy & Grandpa here this year. When we got home, there was an full rainbow arch going from one side of the lake to the other. It was spectacular…and impossible to photograph the whole thing. But here is a peek…

sankt hans    1025683_10200646151810860_254991885_o


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