Tuscany – Volterra

As we prepare to pack up for another short trip and my camera begins to overflow with pictures from summer activities, I realize I need to wrap up these Italy posts. This will be the 2nd to the last one. Writing will be minimal, as these kids are keeping me on my toes this summer. Sadly, my creative juices have felt rather zapped lately. (As I wrote that sentence, a child came in screaming.) So here are some pictures of a day trip in the Tuscan countryside. A reminder that between the crazy moments are flashes of pure enjoyment and beauty. People think traveling with kids is hard. Trust me, it is no harder than being at home with them 24 hours, 7 days a week. Actually, I think it might be easier.

The drive to Volterra was rather long (from our base in the Chianti region, near Florence). The road winded its way through the countryside and we were rewarded with stunning views. We stopped several times to take pictures.




The town itself deserved more time that we were able to give it. When we arrived it was windy and cold…it might have been raining too, I can’t remember. So we bee-lined it into a cafe. By the time we left, full of sweet treats and coffee, the sun had come out. Volterra is a less-visited Tuscan hill town (recommended by Rick Steves), although some tourists did flock there after the popularity of the Twilight series (where it is depicted as the town where the vampire leaders, the Volturi, reside – although we read that the scenes from the movie, New Moon, were actually filmed in Montepulciano). Thankfully, Volterra has not been spoiled by its false vampire fame. I was afraid we were going to see entire gift shops full of Twilight memorabilia, but that was not the case.
















2 responses to “Tuscany – Volterra

  1. We love Volterra! It doesn’t have the crowds that San Gimignano draws and has lots of fascinating things to see…love your photos, especially the last one.

  2. Beautiful! All of it! And thanks for the laugh about traveling vs staying at home with the kids. It’s all quite the adventure, I suppose!

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