Shutterbug Practice

I receive a lot of nice compliments for the photography included on this blog, which I greatly appreciate. If I were to describe my photography skills, I would sum it up as follows: I’m passionate about taking pictures and I think I have a decent eye for it…but I basically have very little idea about how to use a camera. It’s true – most of my pictures are taken with my DSLR – the Canon Rebel T3, in auto-mode. Yesterday, I took my first step to learning how to properly use my camera. I joined a photography walk, hosted by a generously patient professional photographer, who is a Canadian expat, living here in Copenhagen. The day was warm and dry, with enough clouds to add interesting light. Not only was it fun, but I would dare to say, I learned a thing or two. It helps to have beautiful subject matter to photograph. The following were taken at Aarstiderne Farm, with the idea of playing around with depth-of-field (in other words, not in auto-mode).









Then we walked down to the harbor in Humlebæk, finally stopping for lunch at a beautiful and practically ancient little restaurant.










On Tuesday, I will be leaving for Iceland on an exploratory trip, for a job I have recently started. It is part of an internship towards my Tourism Masters Program and I am working with some great friends, who I have known for many years. I’m very excited about the opportunities ahead and about diving back into the travel industry after 7 years of being home with my girls. In addition to some great destination knowledge, I hope to return from Iceland with some beautiful photographs, which of course I will share here.

Until next time! Þangað til næst (had to include some crazy Icelandic letters)!


5 responses to “Shutterbug Practice

  1. I would say your class was a success! Love the flowers along the pathway. Have a fabulous trip!

  2. Hola  Mandy – Have a very safe trip in Iceland, I am very proud of you.  I wish you  a very successful and safe trip.  I love your photos they are all superb.  Hello to every one… Love Mom xoxoxoxo


  3. Denmark is a photographers dream, and, in these photographs, you captured the essence of the beauty of Denmark in summer perfectly. Can’t wait to see your Icelandic shots. I only wish I had the camera I have now, when i went there.

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