Copenhagen Yarn Tour

I used my own online resource this morning to find the name and location of a yarn store, in Copenhagen, that I haven’t visited for a while. I don’t usually post about crafting or my love for knitting on this space, but it occurred to me that this post, from 2 years ago on my other blog, could be relevant to those who come here to find out more about Copenhagen. After all, knitting is very popular here!

Before moving to Denmark, someone who lived here told me that it’s great that I’ve learned to knit, because all the Danish kids wear hand-knits. Well, besides the sigh of relief that my kids will “fit in” with the Danish kids in the winter, I’ve discovered my own reasons to be happy about learning to knit.  During this crazy transition of moving abroad, knitting has been a meditative pass-time that I have come to rely on.  I’m a bit impatient and sometimes I just want to hold the finished product in my hand.  Yet, once it’s finished, I mourn the project being over.

This is why I can justify spending money on yarn…not only do I hopefully get a useful finished product, but I have found so much joy, peace and therapy in the process of making it.  Yarn stores are abundant here and the quality of the yarn is wonderful.  Yet the prices are most certainly…Danish.  I decided to knit Matea a sweater dress, but once I saw the price of the yarn, the dress project quickly became a shirt!

After a little internet research, I mapped out a route of Copenhagen Yarn Stores and narrowed it down to three:  Strikkeboden, Ulstedet, and Sommerfuglen. So while the girls spent a Saturday with Dad, I went on a self-guided tour, returning with renewed knitting inspiration!

Started the day with a little fuel

Followed by a visit to Strikkeboden

Where I found these

Then Uldstedet, a wonderful little store that I stumbled upon on accident one day when it was closed.  So I put on my list to return to.

Then Sommerfuglen…
…where I found this beauty

Seen enough yarn? Me too. Time to map my route home.

Some of the beauty along the way…


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