Road trip – Århus (eller Aarhus)


During Thanksgiving week, we embarked on a bit of a road trip. Of course Denmark doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (besides for a few turkey crafts at the kid’s international school), but we wanted to make the week special, not letting it go by unnoticed. We drove about as far from Copenhagen as you can drive, while still staying in Denmark; to a place we’ve heard a lot about. We drove to Skagen. Don’t know where that is? Here’s a map. See it there, at the very tippy top?




We had planned to make a few stops along the way. We only had time for one. (This tiny country is bigger than we thought! …and we left late.) However, I’m very glad we made the time to stop in Århus. We didn’t really have any expectations. It was mostly a necessity, as we needed some dinner. Yet, there was also a museum someone had recommended. ARoS Museum.




We reached the museum within about 30 minutes before closing time. There were two things we wanted to see: The Rainbow Tunnel and “Boy” – the two things this museum is most well known for.

They did not disappoint! Who wouldn’t want to walk through a giant rainbow and look out at a multi-colored city? The sculpture “Boy”, by Australian artist Ron Mueck, is mesmerizing. Five meters tall and so life-like, you think he will stand at any moment and crash through the ceiling.









And so, after dinner, we kept driving. Approaching Skagen, at around 9pm, everything was pitch dark. Stars were glowing. We could smell the sea, we could hear the sea, but we couldn’t actually see the sea. We’d have to wait until morning to it under Skagen’s infamous light.



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