Inside and Out

It is rare to live in the city and not look directly across into someone else’s apartment. We really don’t take this view for granted. Looking out the window is one of my favorite pass-times. We have photos of this view in all seasons – spring and summer, when the sparkling lake is covered with birds, in the fall when orange leaves surrounding the perimeter, and undoubtedly, in winter when the lake is frozen and covered with snow. The photos don’t really do it justice, as you can’t make out the details of the shining marble church and the potato-row-houses directly opposite, or the joggers and bikers that continuously pass by.



The sun rises on this side and sometimes we are blessed with mornings like this:




We’ve had quite a bit of snow lately and a major lack of sun. In fact, Denmark has seen the lowest amount of January sunshine in 26 years! This means we’ve been doubling up on the Vitamin D supplements and trying our best to appreciate the winter season. Not surprisingly, we find this to be difficult, particularly without a car. Although the bike lanes are consistently cleared off, riding a bike in the snow feels wrong on many levels. Once I’m out there, it’s usually fine and that cozy feeling of coming home after a frigid ride and turning on the kettle for a cup of tea, makes it seem almost tolerable. But sometimes, before I go out, I sit and stare out the window, watching the bikers go by. If they look especially miserable, that’s usually when I decide to take the bus.





Walking is another option, of course. So, when I have enough time, I do just that – I walk. Winter in Copenhagen can be sort of beautiful. I guess winter anywhere can be beautiful if you master the art of bundling up and can learn to appreciate it.

The picture directly below is of an ice-cream truck in our neighborhood. Danes love their winter ice-cream fix. I think I hear the ding-ding of this truck more in the winter than I do in the summer.












Today is “Groundhog’s Day” and most of the snow melted away and we caught a glimpse of the sun. It was most exciting! Everyone was talking about that bright yellow orb in the sky. Temperatures rose to a whopping 4 degrees Celsius and the parks were full of families and the trails were crowded with joggers and walkers. So, we are left to wonder: was that it? Has winter come and gone? Somehow, I doubt it. Roll on winter, if you must. I just bought a new pair of boots and we haven’t been ice skating yet. It’s only February 2nd! Is that all you got?


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