Caves, Waves and Castle Ruins in Cornwall


Summer is coming to an end and although I love Autumn, it is always sad to see it go. The girls will be back in school in a matter of days and the excitement and nerves are setting in. Last week we had a lot of rain, but the sun has been making its treasured appearance for these last few days of August. Perhaps that is why we have managed to pack them full of activity.

We didn’t travel a lot this summer – we were too “unsettled” in this new home to think about going very far. However, we did spend about a week in Cornwall. There are so many wonderful places in the UK that we have never seen and it is thrilling to begin to start exploring them. Some of which are right in our own backyard (so-to-speak) and some a bit farther away.

Our first stop on our drive down to Cornwall was at Tintagel Castle – a place I saw pictured on Pinterest and quickly added to my UK bucket list. First, we had lunch in the town of Tintagel, where we sampled our first (of many) Cornish pasties, along with a ginger beer.



Thought to be built in 1233, the castle has been associated with Arthurian legend (as in, King Arthur and his knights). Tintagel Castle is more of an archeological site, than a castle. But if you like castle ruins (as I do) and if you appreciate breathtaking natural scenery (who doesn’t?), then this is the place for you.












In the picture above, you can see the rain that we are about to get doused with. Our Tintagel adventure turned a little more adventuresome when we were caught in a downpour and I was separated from Brett and the girls. Since I’m always snapping away with the camera, I’m often behind and when the rain hit, I had to take cover in a small shelter. By the time the rainstorm passed, I realized there were several different paths to take. Let’s just say, I took the wrong one. We eventually found each other and all was well. We were soon on our way and arrived in Newquay in time for dinner.

To be continued…


2 responses to “Caves, Waves and Castle Ruins in Cornwall

  1. Mandy I love your post, thank you for all the photos and experiences in beautiful England. Pssss…… a little secret… don’t get toooo far from Brett and the girls!:( Love ya Mom xo

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