Surfers, Arcades and Turquoise Beaches in Cornwall


We were really just passing through. We decided to stay in Newquay for a night, despite our premonition that it would be more crowded than we like. There were three surprises: First, the weather was gorgeous, after the forecast had predicted rain; Two, it was far more crowded than we had expected it to be; And three, despite the crowds, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Newquay. Completely by accident, we were there for something called, Boardmasters – a hugely popular music and surf festival. Kinda fun and also kind of an “Oops”…


However, while this was taking place on one beach, the other beaches surrounding Newquay were practically deserted, which made for a lovely morning.





We hung around longer than we intended, soaking up the surfer-town atmosphere and allowing the girls to have what, in my opinion, is the mandatory ice cream and arcade-time that goes along with any true British summer holiday.



Then we drove to beautiful Carbis Bay. What a gorgeous little spot. We are plotting a longer stay in this area next time. It is only by chance that we managed to stay here at all – and by some miracle scored a room with a view (first picture, below). Planning and booking ahead is not our strong suit…but we are learning. The only downfall (accidental pun) on this stint of the trip was that one of the girls had a fall that almost meant stitches in her hand. Brave girl, survived with our entire supply of holiday plasters (a.k.a. Band-aids).


The footpath from Carbis Bay to St. Ives…


Looking back at Carbis Bay…


Looking towards St. Ives






More summer fun to come…


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