Exposing Kids to Wildlife

Galapagos blue footed boobie

Galapagos turtle

Throw back to the time I went to the Galapagos Islands…that was kind of a game changer for me. I came back with an incredible appreciation for wildlife. Of course the Galapagos are extremely unique and some might say a front-runner in wildlife encounters. However, the more I traveled, I realized that I was equally fascinated by macaws in Peru to monkeys in Costa Rica and yes, even to birds in my backyard. I didn’t have kids yet, but felt like I had tapped into my inner child – because all kids love animals, right? I also made a mental note to go back to these places with my future children.

I recently wrote a piece for GreenSpot about the very important reasons to expose children to wildlife. I hope you might hop over and give it a read…


3 responses to “Exposing Kids to Wildlife

  1. The girls would love that trip!  I remember so well when you came back from that trip and talk to me about those beautiful birds with blue feet :) and the “huge” turtles.Another beautiful part of the world too.  Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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