Creative Childcare Options – Disney World!


We continue to learn about this process of living abroad. This spring we were faced with the very real issue of not having reliable childcare around us. Thankfully, we’ve rarely needed to worry, since I work from home. We are also thankful to have friends, neighbors and great babysitters who are happy to step in for a few hours if we are in a jam or in need of a night out. However, we had a situation arise that we had never encountered before: Both of us were traveling for work at the same time. Brett was headed to Orlando and I was going to Costa Rica. It didn’t take long to discover that we would need to take the girls with us because we couldn’t think of a way to possibly leave them here and rely on someone getting them to school every day. As much as I would have loved to take them to Costa Rica, it would have meant too many days of missed school and Brett would have missed out on a pretty epic trip. So, (lucky kids) a dire situation turned into a trip to Disney World! Not only that, our parents were meeting us there, so it also turned into a big ‘ol family reunion. I was able to be be there for four days before flying to Costa Rica. After I left, the girls went to the NASA Space Center and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, with their grandparents and they thoroughly loved both.

IMG_2641 IMG_2650 IMG_2657 IMG_2663


The week consisted of all the things you would imagine…theme parks & rides, swimming pools & sunshine and ice-cream cookies the size of your head.






One day we drove out to New Smyrna Beach. I had read about it in a travel magazine as a quaint and quieter beach spot among all the crazy coastline options that Florida has to offer. It was pretty much as it was described. I wanted the kids to play in the sand and touch their feet in the ocean – and I wanted to photograph the pastel, tropical colors of Florida – so missions accomplished!












It was a very special trip and we are so glad it worked out the way it did.


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