Color and Candy


Outside, a misty fog fills all the empty spaces between houses and two magpies are nibbling bits of shriveling jack-o-lanterns. It wasn’t even 8am when the girls asked for their first piece of candy and we are all moving slowly after a late, yet very enjoyable, night. It is the morning after Halloween. I didn’t take any great pictures of the girls in their costumes or me in my crazy red wig, so I thought I would share a few autumnal photos instead.




Last year we were in the Canary Islands during half term break and returned home just hours before trick-or-treating. It was a wonderful vacation, but it has been nice to stay home this year and enjoy the peak of my favourite season. Mild temperatures have caused us to second-guess if we need a sweater before walking out the door and the umbrellas have gone unused for a while now. In fact, as we set off to our friends’ house last night, we didn’t need jackets and a pink sunset was glowing behind us. It was one of the warmest Halloweens I have ever experienced.






Although relatively new, there is indeed trick-or-treating in the UK. I hear it only became “a thing” in the last 10 years. It’s a little different than in the U.S. but seems to be growing in acceptance and popularity among families here. Many houses seem to opt-out, for whatever reason, and doors that don’t have any decorations or a candlelit pumpkin are skipped. Sometimes you can walk halfway down a street before seeing a house that looks like it is participating in the festivities. In our neighborhood, we can count on almost every-other house to take part.





Friends on our street had a little pre-trick-or-treat party at their house and then we headed out around 7pm. We had to be careful to wait until after the rugby World Cup finale (New Zealand won) as not to bother people while they were watching the match. We live about a mile or so from the rugby stadium, so we were also risking that many people chose rugby over Halloween this year and were either at the stadium or out at local pubs.






Other nearby friends had a post-trick-or-treating party and we were there until about 11pm. The kids, crashed from their sugar rushes, half-watched a movie with glazed over eyes while the adults mingled. Brett carried Dahlia home and she slept in a leotard, face paint smeared on her pillow. They girls came home with a small bag of candy and hopefully a whole lot of memories.

One more day off tomorrow and then it’s school again on Tuesday and back into our routine. Hope you enjoyed the vibrant colors from our neighborhood.


2 responses to “Color and Candy

  1. I did enjoy your blog and pics. Thanks for keeping us in the loop of this year’s Halloween experience for you. I didn’t do the Edmonds Halloween Flashmob this year, however, I see your mom did in the video that was taken. She amazes me and it’s so fun to share our mutual love of dance. I’m looking forward to more updates.

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