From Chaos to Calm…

We are in a phase of chaotic excitement at the moment.  I think that’s an oxymoron, but the point is…a grand adventure awaits and there is a lot to do before it arrives.  As we prepare to move our life from Seattle, Washington to Copenhagen, Denmark, we are slowly (but surely) crossing-off a long list of  to-do’s.   Sell many of our possessions (check), get the house ready to show (check), submit Visa applications (check), renew passports (check), and pack, pack, pack (never-ending!)  Back in February, I could not wait to finally be in this phase.  Now that it’s here, I just want it to pass by as smoothly as possible and to arrive at the next step with our sanity (and excitement) still in tact.


Today helped.  Somehow, today – in the middle of the chaos – as strangers walked through our current home and imagined themselves living there, we snuck in an unexpected moment of calm.  There is something about the ocean…


Something about driftwood and brisk, salty air…



Something about a little girl in a princess dress and tiara, digging in the sand…


that makes you forget about the to-do list.  Makes you thankful for this moment and hopeful for many more like them.


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